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Orchid Spray

Orchid Spray

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Orchid Fragrance Spray

Spray fragrance air freshener.

Floral olfactory notes with a sensual heart of rose and carnation, together with delicate highlights of sage and Cananga flower. The mineral and sweet base is the final touch in this elegant and full of life combination.

This fragrance brings personality to spaces and transmits the character of the wild orchid fields of Andalusia.

Its practical size and spray format make it easy to take it with us in the car, bag or backpack wherever we go.

Easily and quickly scent your office, home, car ,...


  • 100% Made in Spain.
  • Fragrance in accordance with the Rules of the INTERNATIONAL FRAGRANCE ASSOCIATION (IFRA - Amendment 50 / published in June 2021).
  • Registered under the European code of toxicology UFI.
  • In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.
  • Causes serious eye irritation.
  • Highly flammable liquid and vapor.

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Medium intensity fresh fragrance

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