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MA-V50 nebulizer

MA-V50 nebulizer

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This aroma nebulizer incorporates an intelligent remote control system through a mobile APP via WiFi or bluetooth, as well as being able to be programmed manually using its screen with buttons.

It has a powerful motor that allows it to work at maximum performance connected to the air conditioning or ventilation network.

It also has a fan located behind the aroma expulsion nozzle that helps the correct dispersion of the fragrance when it is working.

Program this fragrance air freshener with the days and weekly work intensities and enjoy the essence of your favorite perfume.

Size 30 x 11 x 21.5cm
Voltage 12V
Power 12W
volume <45dBa
Ability 750ml
Weight 2.2Kg
Coverage area Between 100 - 400 m2
Color Black White
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