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Winter Fragrances nebulization pack

Winter Fragrances nebulization pack

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Winter Fragrances aromatization pack:

In a single pack, receive everything you need to enjoy a professional and quality aromatization. And take the opportunity to discover the fragrances inspired by winter and that will be the perfect complement to decorate your home:

An MA-4 nebulizer (fully programmable by mobile app, it can work both independently using batteries, and connected to the electric current)

3 150ml bottles of fragrances that recreate the spirit of the season of family moments, moments by the brazier or fireplace and the sweetest desserts, to end the year as we deserve, pampering ourselves a lot!

  • Tonka PF
  • Orange-Cinnamon
  • Vanilla

These fragrances have been selected for their warmth and their woody and spicy notes that envelop us in a relaxing and homely atmosphere to make this time even more special.

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