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Ocean Tropic Mikado

Ocean Tropic Mikado

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Ocean Tropic Mikado

Fresh and exotic top notes that unite the acidity of the apple and the spicy sweetness of the mango. Its heart notes of different fruit aromas allow a constant feeling of renewal to be maintained in the environment. The papaya base provides all the intensity it needs to last.

This fresh and exotic fragrance is born from the contrast between the warm sands of the Atlantic and the refreshing sensation of its crystalline waters. A trip to the Caribbean for the senses.

Enjoy the comfort of scenting your home or office with this simple format. The natural rattan rods are designed for a comfortable evaporation of the fragrance.

To control the intensity increase or decrease the number of rods . Also, we recommend rotating the rods every week or so.

100 ml lasts approximately 2-3 months, using 6 sticks, depending on the ambient temperature.


  • 100% Made in Spain.
  • Fragrance in accordance with the Rules of the INTERNATIONAL FRAGRANCE ASSOCIATION (IFRA - Amendment 50 / published in June 2021).
  • Registered under the European code of toxicology UFI.
  • In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.
  • Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
  • Highly flammable liquid and vapor.
  • May produce an alergic reaction on the skin.
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