Como utilizar PROTECT-ANIMAL


The first thing we should know about animal aromatherapy is that it has multiple benefits . It can help us relax our pets and remove separation anxiety, it can protect them from nuisances such as insects or work on the ailments of age by increasing their energy and spirits.
To achieve all these benefits, we will work with an atmosphere where, in a non-invasive way, our pet can get used to the olfactory stimulus in an organic and relaxed way.
Let us remember that the pituitary of animals is much more developed than that of humans and therefore a very strong olfactory stimulus can have an aggressive and rejection response in them.
It is important when starting our pet in aromatherapy that we pay attention to their reactions and follow some rules to guarantee their well-being.
  • We will look for the right oil within the ANIMAL-PROTECT range, according to the needs that we have detected. Our range is prepared for both dogs and cats, having taken care in manufacturing to avoid compounds that can be toxic in the long term for both species.
  • We must allow the animal the possibility to move away from the scented area if for any reason they feel overwhelmed or overstimulated . This is especially important during the first contacts, therefore, we will have the doors open to an area that is free of odors.
  • In the first contacts, in addition, we will avoid invading the personal space of our pet, for this what we will do is spray in common and neutral areas where it usually is but that is not "its place".
  • We will try to recognize the behavior of our animals taking into account that they cannot speak and tell us exactly what they are feeling, we must pay special attention to the things they do.
For example, it may be that our pet goes to the room that we have scented, sniffs and then leaves again and so on several times. This cannot be interpreted as rejection, but it does have an important meaning: the animal is attracted to the smell, but its intensity is too high and therefore it is soon saturated. If we see this, we can reduce the spraying or aromatize the room prior to use so that the smell is "diluted" a bit.
  • As we observe the reaction of the animal and as long as there is no rejection, we can start spraying it on its bed, for example, or in its carrier in the case of travel . In which case we will have to take care of:
    • That the surface is dry, that is, that a few minutes have elapsed since spraying before it comes into contact with the animal, in this way we will prevent it from licking and ingesting it before it is absorbed by the fabric.
    • If the animal is going to be locked up, such as in a carrier, we can spray it up to several hours before we are going to start our trip, in this way the smell will not be so penetrating, although it will remain enough to be captured and exercised. its function.
We must reinforce with our attitude and our schedule the results we expect. That is to say, if we are working with aromatherapy to relax our pet's anxiety with the Relaxing oil made from Lavandula Angustifolia , we will begin to use it in situations of calm and tranquility, for example, during a moment of pampering between the two of us, in this way When we aromatize the room before leaving our pet alone, it will awaken the same feelings in the animal's own memory, reinforcing sensations of calm and reducing separation anxiety.
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