Breve elogio al 2021

Brief praise to 2021

The last year has been very difficult for everyone, both financially and personally. That is why for family businesses, raised and treated with as much love and effort as ours, it is a pride to have overcome it.
We are therefore going to allow ourselves a small entry to compile the achievements and the good news that have been so necessary.
First of all, we must always be grateful for the support of our clients and trusted suppliers, which have allowed us to expand our horizons and continue to increase our catalogue, at a technical and fragrance level.
From all these changes has arisen, for example, the need to reconnect with the natural and useful properties of essential oils. We invite you to visit our previous entries in this regard to learn more about aromatherapy and how to use it in our daily lives, both for us and for our pets.
The range of odor eliminators and air purifiers was also born, which help us offer clean and healthy spaces in businesses and homes.
We have worked to translate all this knowledge into a store that is more and more pleasant and intuitive to use, making it easier for our users. We thank the great professionals who have collaborated on this project and the clients who have fed it with their comments and suggestions.
The tourism sector , so punished, has continued to trust us to provide that distinctive and personalized touch to their businesses. For our part, we continue to strive to offer professional aromatization of the highest quality to each of our clients.
For all these reasons, we can end 2021 confident that the Meditaroma family, both physical and digital, continues to grow day by day.
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