BIENESTAR-NATURE: aromaterapia para la relajación

WELLNESS-NATURE: aromatherapy for relaxation

The WELLNESS-NATURE range arises to help different situations with which we find ourselves daily, using the properties of natural essential oils.
Stress and difficulty sleeping as well as concentrating are problems associated with the busy modern life , even so, the last year has taken its toll and, among other things, the incidence of these symptoms has increased.
There are different oils with which we can work on relaxation and induce feelings of calm that help us in times of increased stress or anxiety:
  • Ac. It is. Lavender:
    - Calming effect : use it to aromatize the hours of relaxation and meditation.
    - Facilitates sleep : you can spray it in your room when you go to sleep, or directly on the pillow (it is recommended about 30cm away from the fabric) to take advantage of its properties and achieve a deep and restful sleep.
    - Antifungal properties : thanks to its components that promote antiseptic spaces, it allows to maintain clean and purified spaces.
  • Ac. It is. Sage:
    Salvia essential oil is mainly used in aromatherapy to calm the nervous system, especially during periods of stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia.
    - Stimulates memory and learning: thanks to its relaxing properties, this oil can reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety, allowing greater concentration on the task at hand.
    - Helps to fall asleep: you can spray it in your room when you go to sleep, or directly on the pillow.
If you are curious about other situations in which aromatherapy can benefit you, do not hesitate to visit the different articles associated with this theme or try the WELL-NATURE products.
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