BIENESTAR-NATURE: Aceites estimulantes

WELL-BEING-NATURE: Stimulating oils

Due to the hectic pace of life that we usually lead, sometimes we can find ourselves especially tired, fatigued or not wanting to carry out our daily tasks. Even without the strength to enjoy our days and moments of leisure!

With these situations in mind, in our WELL-NATURE aromatherapy range, we wanted to take advantage of the stimulating and activating properties of the natural essential oils themselves.

Specifically , Lemon essential oil and Peppermint essential oil work great to awaken our energies and keep us lively and proactive!

They are characterized by having very citrus and fresh notes that generate great excitement in the olfactory receptors of our brain , promoting an awake and active state.

They are very useful to use in environments where we need to be specific and increase our productivity as much as possible.

Also to increase our energy in situations of great fatigue due to the workload, or even poor quality of sleep.

Likewise, it is very useful in circumstances in which we find ourselves battling the characteristic symptoms of apathy and reluctance that we endure in difficult and emotionally exhausting situations. For this, it will be good to use the oils in the morning in our bedrooms, living rooms or even work areas, guaranteeing that the olfactory stimulus is maintained while we need to be active and stimulated.

Also remember that the lack of energy is a symptom of other problems that may be around us , for example a poor quality of sleep or a time of great anxiety that leaves us too tired for any other aspect of our lives. In these cases , it will be interesting to reinforce the stimulating aromatherapy, for example, with Sap and Lavender preparations for relaxation, or visit our section to sleep well.

If you feel that the problem may have roots in an illness or severe depression, do not hesitate to contact a health specialist who can advise you personally.

If you are curious about other situations in which aromatherapy can benefit you, do not hesitate to visit the different articles associated with this theme or try the WELL-NATURE products.

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