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Animal Aromatherapy Origins and Uses

There is evidence of the use of the properties of essential oils already in the first human civilizations. For example, the disinfecting power of lemon essential oil was widely known by the early settlers of Europe and was also used by soldiers during World War II.
It is logical, therefore, that as the part of our life that we share with our pets increased, we sought to integrate this knowledge until we developed lines of care that also took into account the animals that we appreciate so much.
Our PROTECT-ANIMAL range was born in this line of animal care
We can find studies that support the use of essential oils in animals and how they managed to relieve pain situations, increase appetite, treat noise phobias, trauma, aggression, fear or anxiety. If our pet has a problem, whether physical or emotional, it is worth considering the help or support that we can provide through aromatherapy.
The properties of its uses are based above all on the particular biochemical components of each one, from which many of today's modern medicines are derived.
For this reason, much of the power lies in the quality of the oils used. In general , we must look for natural essential oils , since this label will confirm that said oil has not been treated with insecticides, pesticides or modified in any way in laboratory.
In addition, we must consider the differences in oils that exist from the same plant depending on its varieties. For example, eucalyptus globulus will not have the same uses as eucalyptus radiata.
Aromatherapy can help us maintain a healthier and more comfortable relationship with our pets. As animal owners, the main problematic situations that we are going to encounter are:
  • The irritability of our pets, which can manifest itself in the form of barking or increased aggressiveness.
  • Separation anxiety or anxiety associated with car trips.
  • Lack of energy and behaviors associated with animal depression such as: poor appetite, decreased movement and general fatigue.
  • Discomfort derived from insects that can cause discomfort in our pet and even lead to more serious diseases.
  • Weakness of the immune system and general weakness of our pet.
For all these situations we propose a natural, comfortable and non-invasive help for us and our pets . This help is complementary and should in no case replace the attention and advice of veterinary professionals.
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