¿Cómo puede PROTECT-ANIMAL beneficiar a mi mascota?

How can PROTECT-ANIMAL benefit my pet?

To help the relationship between pets and their owners, PROTECT-ANIMAL offers different preparations from essential oils that are aimed at four of the main problems that pet owners encounter.
  • RELAXING: Obtained from Lavender Angustifolia , this preparation is perfect for relaxing our pet, treating their anxieties and nervousness in general. It will suffice to spray in the room where its bed is located during sleeping hours or when we are going to leave the house and little by little the animal will associate the smell with said moments and will be carried away by its calming properties.

  • ENERGIZING: Using the properties of the essential oil of Boswellia carterii incense, this preparation is perfect for strengthening our pet's immune system. In the same way we will increase your energy helping to combat the typical ailments of age and depression or apathy. The optimal time to expose our pet will be before walks or when we are going to have time to play with them, always looking for them to feel comfortable with the smell and the situation so that a positive attitude is maintained.

  • INSECT REPELLENT: Our pets love the outdoors, whether it's during long walks, on patios or terraces. That is why PROTECT-ANIMAL has produced a product made from the essential oils of citronella, lavender and geranium. Very useful for their ability to scare away insects that can be so annoying, while creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for humans and pets alike.
  • STIMULANT: At certain times we can notice our pet more off, lack of encouragement, or appetite. For all these situations we have developed a stimulant that combines the properties of lemon essential oils and natural peppermint. Sprayed in the play area and in the rooms where our pet is during the day, it will allow him to enjoy that energy shot that we all need from time to time.

If you want to know more about aromatherapy and how to use it with your pet, do not hesitate to visit the rest of the articles dedicated to it on our blog.

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