Your exclusive fragrance.

100% natural products

We produce fragrances with natural ingredients. We destil  the best  raw materials to offer the true fragrance that is hidden in our aromatic plants beyond essential oils of rosemary, sage and spearmint… to the scent of fruits as lemon, orange or bergamot

100% natural products
Own fabrication of fragrances

We design your exclusive fragrance

Our own perfumers team will design your tailored fragrance, the fragrance that more adapt to you. Create a parfum is a long and delicated process, our perfumers are mixing the scent with others ingredients until obtain the desired fragrance, the fragrance that will you define.

We comply to offer quality

The fullfiment with the standars of Code of practice of IFRA (International Fragrance Association) is obligatory for all companies that  belongs to IFRA directly or members associations of IFRA.
The practice Codex applies to the fabrication and handling of all fragrance’s materials, for all class of applications and contains the complete set of standars IFRA.

Quality standars