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Sanibliss Nebulization

Sanibliss Nebulization

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Sanibliss is a deodorizer capable of eliminating the agents that cause bad odors, tackling the root problem.

It is formulated from molecules extracted from essential oils and does not contain alcohol , therefore, it is a NON-flammable and respectful product with people, and can be used in high-traffic areas, in work spaces and in homes with complete peace of mind. .

It is a product compatible with the use of cleaners and disinfectants , it does not react negatively or lose its properties when in contact with other products.

The use of Sanibliss through electric nebulizers allows its active ingredient to be kept in the air, achieving a constantly purified environment.

It also contains a pleasant perfume that provides sensations of well-being with jovial, citrus and fresh notes, which represent an upward trend.

It is therefore not only an odor eliminator but also a cosmopolitan air freshener fragrance.


  • 100% Made in Spain.
  • Fragrance in accordance with the Rules of the INTERNATIONAL FRAGRANCE ASSOCIATION (IFRA - Amendment 50 / published in June 2021).
  • Registered under the European code of toxicology UFI.
  • In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.
  • Toxic for the acuatic organisms, with lasting noxious efects
  • Causes serious eye damage skin irritation
  • May produce an alergic reaction on the skin
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