Marketing olfativo en hoteles: Mejores olores para enamorar a tus clientes

Olfactory marketing in hotels: Best scents to make your customers fall in love

Surely you remember the first thing you felt when you entered your hotel room on the first day of vacation. Freshness, cleanliness, beach, sun, adventures... That's why scent marketing is so important in hotels.

Hotels are one of the sectors that use scent marketing the most to improve the guest experience. No one likes coming in and smelling harsh cleaning products or bathroom humidity in the room.

To have a cajoling experience and create a unique environment for guests, hotels have opted for air fresheners in the ventilation ducts. In this way, they can always have the rooms ready with a good smell that intoxicates upon arrival.

Travelers seek to have unique experiences , personalized attention and constant attention. That is why spending an experience in these hotels that do olfactory marketing is a real pleasure.

The hotel industry leaves nothing to chance, everything is designed to meet the needs of the client to the millimeter.

By how your hotel room will smell, the guest will already perceive whether or not they will like their stay in it. For this reason, the aroma that the guest breathes upon arrival makes so much of the difference.


The aromas of the hotels can help to generate the sensations that we want to create in our guests, normally of comfort and confidence. In this way, emotional bonds can be created between the hotel and the guest, making them feel at home.

Fragrances to intoxicate your guests

There are endless possibilities of aromas that you can use to win over your clients in your hotel. An aroma of the sea or tropical in the room, citrus in the restaurant area, or floral in the hall.

There are so many possibilities that you can combine them so as not to leave any corner of your hotel without aromatising.

According to a study, these are the most successful scents:

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