Aromatization benefits


Profits for your customers

  • They feel a warm welcome
  • Create your own aroma and identifify you with it.
  • They stay more time in your establishment.
  • They will have a nice experience.
  • They will sure come back
  • They will perceive your products as a positive and unique way.
  • They will have a positive influence for the purchase decision.
  • Your customer will connect your establishment with your aroma, with a relation of your brand the next time that they smell it.
  • Grow the sales
  • Generate sensations according to your commerce areas


Profits for your employees

  • Raise the productivity
  • They will incrase the attencion of ours employees.
  • Concentration level increasing.
  • Raises its productivity
  • They will reduce theirs anxiety
  • Reduces the stress
  • Getting better the laboral ambient.